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Carwash 4 Laptop

You know looking for a job with limited skills and experience is very challenging, even the very basic once are hard to find. Sitting at home doing nothing leads to desperation and stress. A desperate life only provides one with unthought-of temptations as well as gang related lifestyle, which has taken many to prison and lead ost to the use of drugs and alcohol as a way to forget they problems..

Carwash for Laptop is a project I started in aid to raise money to buy a Laptop and software for my Web & App Development Studies (with SoloLearn.com ) this year, with the laptop and software I also plan to offer freelancing Web Designs & Graphic Designs, as a way to earn a sustainable income during the year. I will also continue to offer car wash as an extra income and also to empower other students in need.

About Johannes

JM = JOHANNES MOKOBI I Johannes Mokobi define myself as a young South African who gets up like many other South Africans to look for a self-sustainable life. Due to a disadvantage background and life journey, I fall in the category of people who have not finished their schooling (Grade 12) but that does not […]

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Behind the Idea

JM CarWash was started in November 2015 by Johannes Mokobi [JM] as a fundraising idea (project) to raise money for his studies in Web & App Development. After a few ups and downs in getting the project of ground due to the bylaw of washing car on the street and as people where more concerned about their […]

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How it Works

1. Pick a Package: Depending on the vehicle you own and the one you can choose a package suitable for you. 2. Pick a Day/Time Once you have chosen a package you can now choose a day/time when a Carwash Agent in your area can come and wash your car. . 3. Have it Cleaned […]

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Why Weekly Wash?

  • Newly Splattered Bugs – Bug splatters not only look disgusting but are damaging to your car by bonding to the paint and finish. The longer bug remains sit on your exterior, the hard it is to remove them without chipping the paint. During “bug season” it is very important to wash at least once per week.


  • Bird Droppings – Bird droppings on your vehicle’s exterior dry up and harden during Summer months, causing etching and damage to your vehicle’s paint. The longer the droppings remain, the greater the damage to the automotive paint. It’s important to remove these deposits quickly to avoid long term damage.


  • Tree Sap – If you live in a highly wooded area or park regularly under a tree, your car is more susceptible to getting tree sap on it. Tree sap can corrode your car and etch through the paint’s finish, leading to discoloring and staining. Heat will accelerate the damage process that sap causes.


  • Long Commute – If you drive a significant distance during your daily commute, environmental contaminants like dirt, dust, pollen, gravel, bugs and air pollutants can damage your car. Consider weekly washing as a preventive maintenance step.


  • Heat – Heat accelerates damage caused by all of the above. Excessive exposure to sun and heat can also melt the wax protection off your car, reducing the protection between contaminants and the automotive paint.


  • Rain – If you live in an area with lots of rain, the moisture traps contaminants on the exterior and promotes rusting.


  • Air Pollution – If you live in an urban area be aware that air pollution caused by factories, industrial construction or other air-borne contaminants creates the need for additional washing. Though you may not feel compelled to wash your car after a good rain, don’t assume that the rain has washed away the contaminants on your car because the ‘acid rain’ causes even more damage.